Dermatique recuperating cream review

Dermatique Recuperating Cream

I’m currently training for an Ironman and my training plan requires me to participate in 3 x 1 hour swim sessions a week. Now Spring/Summer is closing in it’s more likely that I will be training in my local outdoor lake, but for the time being it’s in an indoor pool, with chlorine. We all know that chlorine leaves you smelling like a swimming pool for the rest of the day and night but worst of all for me is it leaves my skin incredibly dry, and for anyone else who has ever suffered with Eczema or dry skin you’ll understand how frustrating and how sore this can be.

I find if I don’t put on some moisturising cream on immediately following a swim my skin can feel very dry, mainly on my hands and face.

When I suffered with Eczema when I was younger the only answer was using the steroid creams that the Doctors recommended but over time I learned these creams thin the skin and are usually only a short term fix so I decided to try and find something that was steroid-free but still kept it under control.

After doing some research, I found the Dermatique cream range, a brand who make products specifically for people who suffer with dry skin conditions such as Eczema and Psoriasis as well as those who are just looking to help their skin to repair without using steroid creams (website here:

I liked the look of their Recuperating Cream as it is free from steroids, mineral oils, parabens and colours and also unscented, which is good as I find that perfumed creams can sometimes irritate my skin even more.

My review

After using the Recuperating Cream on my hands and face after every swim session for a few weeks it has completely cleared up the dry patches/Eczema type skin and it also feels like I can go longer without moisturising before the skin dries out. Which is good as T1 is not meant for moisturising!

Dermatique recuperating cream review

My skin absorbs the cream very quickly and I like that it comes in a small pot rather than a tube as this makes it faster to apply when you’re rushing around after training and makes it less likely to spill in your wash bag. I’ve also been using it on a few dry patches on my eyes which have always needed steroid ointments to fix and it has cleared it up in a few days and hasn’t irritated the skin at all.

Pros: Doesn’t feel like a traditional Eczema cream. Clears up dry skin quickly and just works.

Cons: At £29.00 for a 100ml pot of the cream this can seem expensive if you are used to buying high street moisturisers but it is the only one I have found that clears up my dry skin and a little goes a long way so I think the 100ml pot would last you a long time.

Dermatique recuperating cream review 

I hope this has helped to give you an idea into how the cream works and whether it would be right for you. Chlorine is extremely drying to the skin and it’s important to use a good moisturiser after each swim session to protect from long term damage. If you would like to try the Recuperating Cream see this link: or if you have any questions feel free to send me a tweet.



Stage 3 Tour de France – Cambridge – London

Stage 3 Tour de France – Cambridge – London

What an experience it was to see the Tour de France come into London. Spectators lined the route from start to finish with their families, bringing along their drinks and BBQs. Local towns put on fairs with bouncy castles, bike stools, tea huts and much more. This made it a fantastic day for everyone to enjoy.

2014-07-07 16.21.56

My day started with meeting some friends for a cycle, this way we would be able to visit more than one location that the route was on and take in the atmosphere from as many places as possible.  Many of the roads were closed but luckily they were still open to cyclists.


Some sections of the route were even available to ride on, but my favourite part was cycling through Epping high street and Epping forest – this was like Christmas for all the local cyclists as these roads that are never closed, yet today there were open for cyclists only.


You could tell the supporters were looking forward to the day as many of them were there hours before the Peloton was due to ride through, cheering anyone that rode through, whether they were a part of the tour or not.


We made our way from Epping through North Weald and into Moreton, which was our planned destination to stop and watch the Tour –  and no it wasn’t just because there was a pub there or because they had a hog roast available that was a coincidence! Although we did deserve a drink and a pulled Pork roll after the 25 miles we had cycled on our way into Moreton. Once we had refueled and locked up our bikes up we made our way into the crowds and found an opening space to watch, within the busy crowds.


We sat down opposite a primary school where the children were singing songs and playing instruments and it was great to see the school supporting the tour by getting the pupils involved.2014-07-07 16.19.55


2014-07-07 12.43.24The atmosphere was great and spectators were awaiting the two race leaders and the peloton but first to come was the Tour de France caravane, a crucial part of the tour. All sponsorship vehicles head along the route before the cyclists arrive, throwing out freebies to everyone, playing loud music and beeping their horns.


The route was continuously being patrolled by security and police vehicles  between the caravane to keep the road clear, just as well as these vehicles were not hanging about!


We then saw the motorbikes coming through and the helicopters above so that’s when we knew the leaders were coming. I pulled out my phone and got in position to record, 8 seconds later, my phone died! I couldn’t believe it, but at least I got to watch the Peloton come through without having to worry about taking pictures or recording. Then followed the support vehicles- it always amazes me to see so many spare bikes on top of a car, I was hoping that they would be throwing some of those out as freebies too, but my luck wasn’t in.

2014-07-08 06.10.52

I thought the event was really well organised and all of the supporters showed immense respect to the riders by staying off of the road.


Our original plan was to follow on and cycle the route once the road reopened although this took longer to open than we expected so we decided to go in reverse and cycle where they had just come from. After 25 miles we decided to call it a day, it had been a long day and I have the cycling tan line to prove it!


The strangest thing that I found during that day however, was if there are that many people supporting those cyclists, why are cyclists so hated every other day of the year by other road users and pedestrians?


Cycling is a sport everybody clearly loves during the tour, so make it a hobby and join in all year round.


See you on the road!


Road Rant


This morning I was driving along a part of Stage 3 of le Tour de France, this is a road I use regularly for cycling. Although today I noticed something different, all of those potholes that I have been avoiding while cycling this route for the past 18 months have all of a sudden disappeared!

OK this is great as this tour is the biggest cycling event in the world, but shouldn’t the road be in this condition all year round for every cyclist to enjoy?

How long after the tour passes through will it be before the tarmac is cracking again and creating them same old potholes, and what will it take for them to be repaired then?

The toll for cycling accidents and deaths around London is becoming far too high and in some
of these incidents this is due to road surfaces. Making sure the road surfaces are in a good condition all year round would really help to avoid some of these accidents and make cycling even more enjoyable and popular. Research shows that there is an average of one road defect for every 110 meters of road, this is too many!

I feel strongly about this and I think the local councils need to look into this situation to make sure roads are maintained and cyclist are safe.

I’m sure this isn’t the only road like this, I would love to hear your experiences of bad road surfaces.

You can also report these pot holes you come across while cycling by clicking here


Now lets enjoy the tour.

What’s in your sky rocket?

What’s in your sky rocket?

Do you ever struggle with what to put in your jersey pockets before a cycle?  You know what it’s like, sometimes you go out with your front door key and handful of wine gums, then other times it’s 24 gels, energy bars up to your eyeballs, your laptop and the kitchen sink (to top up your water bottles, obviously).

Hopefully this post will help you assess your cycle before you start pedaling and help you make the right decisions on what you should take, and what pockets you should use.

What do you need?

How much you need to take in your pockets really depends on how far you plan on going, and also if you can store things on your bike as well as in your pockets. For example, if you can fix your pump to the bike frame and squeeze Nalini Custom Cyclocross Clothingyour inner tube, levers and multi-tool in a saddle bag you’ll need much less in your pockets.

For supplements, that is something you will have to judge for yourself. Use your shorter, local training rides and bike gym sessions to assess how many gels/bars you get through per hour. Also keep an eye on how much you’re drinking. Do you really need to occupy 2 water bottle cages, or can you get away with one water bottle and find somewhere to re-fill on your ride?


Once you’ve worked out what you need to take, where do you put it? I know, you usually just stuff it in whatever

pocket your hand locates first. Although if you think about it, wouldn’t it be easier if you could reach a gel when you needed one, instead of pulling out your house keys or a pair of gloves first?


Here are the general rules that I follow:


Middle Pocket

Things such as your mobile phone and emergency details (Cycling/Triathlon Membership), are essential but unlikely to be needed very often. Store these out of the way in your middle back pocket. This is also a good spot for your pump, if you decide not to opt for the saddle bag option. Plus if the weather looks a bit overcast this pocket should be used for your thin rain jacket.


Home Pocket

You’re likely to have to take your keys out with you, but you won’t need them again until you’re back home, so pack them out of the way. The pocket most easily reached by your least dominant arm (back left pocket for right handers, back right pocket for left handers) is usually a good place. This is also ideal for any cake and coffee shop money and a paper map if you’re old school.


The essentials pocket

bag3The side pocket most easily reached by your dominant arm (right back pocket for right handers and left back pocket for left handers)  is the place to stash your food and gels. These are the things you will need to access on the go, so it makes sense to have them within easy reach. Another good tip is to undo the wrapper of your energy bar before a ride, this will make it much easier to eat on the move. Something to think about is a top tube bag- this will make reaching gels and food even easier.
Leave some room

If it’s looking like a rainy day, or if you’re feeling a bit sensitive towards the cold winds and you set off in arm and leg warmers, a gilet and a pair of gloves, don’t forget to leave some room in your pockets for these items in case the sun comes out or if you start to feel a bit warmer once you get into the ‘spin’ of things. Your home pocket should have room for these to go into. Another piece of advice is to stop and get off the bike before you start taking layers of clothes off, unless you are looking for a quick way to empty those pockets you’ve filled.



Triathlon Distances

Triathlon Distances 


After the response I had for the swimming distances post yesterday I thought it may be helpful to include a similar table for the triathlon distances.


Something you should remember is for a sprint Triathlon, if the swim is in a pool and not open water it is common for the distance to be reduced to a 500mtr or even 400mtr swim.


Again I have done a little bit of rounding up to avoid excessive decimal places.


Feel free to print these tables off at put them up in your room or office, that way you can tick off each distance as you complete it and you can see what the next step up is.



Distances in Miles

Super Sprint Sprint Olympic Middle Distance Ironman
Swim 0.25 0.47 0.93 1.2 2.4
Bike 6.2 12.4 24.8 56 112
Run 1.5 3.1 6.2 13.1 26.2
Total Distance 7.95 15.97 31.93 70.3 140.6



Distances in Kilometers

Super Sprint Sprint Olympic Middle Distance Ironman
Swim 0.4km 0.75km 1.5km 1.9km 3.8km
Bike 10km 20km 40km 90.1km 180km
Run 2.5km 5km 10km 21.1km 42.1km
Total Distance 12.9 25.75 51.5 113.10 225.9



Distances in Metres

Super Sprint Sprint Olympic Middle Distance Ironman
Swim 400 750 1,500 1,900 3862
Bike 10,000 20,000 40,000 90,123 180,247
Run 2,500 5,000 10,000 21,243 42,164
Total Distance 12,900 25,750 51,500 113,296 226,273

Good Luck with your next distance challenge.

Swimming Distances

Swimming Distances


Swimming is a discipline that many triathletes admit as being their least favourite. Although unfortunately, there is no getting out of it. Don’t think you can get away without training for this discipline- you will only end up affecting the next 2 disciplines if you don’t come out of the water feeling good.


One thing I found most confusing when starting was how many lengths I needed to do to reach particular milestones. Especially when swimming in various different pools/lakes all of differing sizes.


Therefore I thought these tables may help you with your swimming training. I’ve used the most popular sizes and rounded up to the nearest distance and length to avoid going into too many decimal places.


Feel free to print these tables off and get them laminated – this can be really useful if you want to take them to the pool without them getting soaked and becoming unreadable.


20 mtr Pool

Name Lengths Meters Miles Kilometers
Sprint 40 800 0.5 0.8
Olympic 75 1500 0.93 1.5
Other 80 1600 1.0 1.6
Middle Distance / Half Ironman 97 1931 1.2 1.9
Full / Ironman 193 3,862 2.4 3.8
Swimming Fanatics 250 5,000 3.1 5.0



25 mtr Pool

Name Lengths Meters Miles Kilometers
Sprint 32 800 0.5 0.8
Olympic 60 1500 0.93 1.5
Other 64 1600 1.0 1.6
Middle Distance / Half Ironman 78 1931 1.2 1.9
Full / Ironman 155 3,862 2.4 3.8
Swimming Fanatics 200 5,000 3.1 5.0



50 mtr Pool

Name Lengths Meters Miles Kilometers
Sprint 16 800 0.5 0.8
Olympic 30 1500 0.93 1.5
Other 32 1600 1.0 1.6
Middle Distance / Half Ironman 39 1931 1.2 1.9
Full / Ironman 78 3,862 2.4 3.8
Swimming Fanatics 100 5,000 3.1 5.0



750 mtr Lap Lake

Name Laps Meters Miles Kilometers
Sprint 1 800 0.5 0.8
Olympic 2 1500 0.93 1.5
Other 2.1 1600 1.0 1.6
Middle Distance / Half Ironman 2.5 1931 1.2 1.9
Full / Ironman 5 3,862 2.4 3.8
Swimming Fanatics 6.7 5,000 3.1 5.0


Have a splashing time!

My latest Wiggle Haul

My latest Wiggle Haul


Wiggle is one of my favourite sites for buying clothes, training products and supplements, so I wanted to tell you a bit more about what I bought in my last haul and what I thought of each product.



Product Description: Alé Ultra Flegrei Short Sleeve Jersey Sky BlueAl-Ultra-Flegrei-Short-Sleeve-Jersey-Short-Sleeve-Jerseys-Sky-Blue-SS14-550-L15649014-102-3

List Price: £75.00

My review

Alé is a brand I have never tried before, although I liked the look of it and thought I would give it a go, especially as Wiggle’s returns policy allows you to return items free of charge if they haven’t been used. The jersey is a nice design, although the sleeves are quite tight so you may want to try a larger size than you would normally go for if your arms are bigger than the average cyclists!

Pros: Good Look

Cons: Tight sleeves






Product Description: Alé PRR Ponente Bibshorts Sky Blue

List Price: £95.00

My Review

These summer bib shorts are by far the most comfortable I have ever bought. The padding is great for those long cycles and even the shoulder straps are comfortable and don’t dig in. Although these advantages come at a cost. There are 4 different colours to choose from and Jerseys to match

Pros: Comfortable for long distances

Cons: Expensive





Product Description: Maru Pull Buoy Green/Navy

List Price £9.50

My Review

What is there to say on this product, it does as you expect. It’s light weight, comfortable to use and doesn’t take up too much room in your gym bag. The reason for this purchase was to help build up the strength in my arms after coming back from an elbow injury.

Pros: Does exactly what it says on the tin

Cons: Colours are not great




Product Description: Science in Sport Mini Go Bar – Box of 30 x 40g Banana Fudge 30 x 40gSis_Bar_mini_40g_Comp

List Price: £30.00

My Review

These are a personal favourite of mine, that (in my opinion) come at a fair price and have a great taste. The only disadvantage is that you have to buy a full box, so if you don’t like the flavor, you’re kind of stuck with a whole box. I would recommend that you find an exhibition to sample this product or somewhere that sells them singularly.I actually found this product sold singularly in Halfords which could be helpful if you’re in the London area!

Pros: Great taste, easy to eat while cycling

Cons: Only sold in box quantities



I hope these reviews have helped give you an insight into products that could be good for your own training. If you do have other questions or would like advice on a product you’re looking to purchase please ask.


Have a great training session today!